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16 Free Decodable Books For You
16 Free Decodable Books For You

Third Grade Fiction & Nonfiction Book Collection

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The Third Grade Fiction & Nonfiction Book Collection contains 40 titles including Levels N -Q. There are 10 titles per level and 6 copies per book title. There are a total of 240 books in this 3rd Grade Collection.  This purchase is for books only.

Level N Titles:

Taking Care of Earth, Food Chains, MLK, Jr., Flit and Orville, Patience Young Bear, Chuck's Challenge, Grady the Grouch, Successful Failures, Karina Cracks the Case, Rachel Runs

Level O Titles:

Planets, Extreme Weather, Presidents' Day, The Best Seats in the House, Kept Promises, Scavenger Hunt Surprise, The Rooftop Garden, Having What It Takes, The Witch of Whitmore Street, The Great Liu

Level P Titles: 

Ben Franklin: The Inventor, Black History Month, Native Americans, The Deep Ocean, Thank Goodness!, The Big Ego, The Dhole, The Moonbow, Puppies for Pablo, The Rainbow Crow

Level Q: 

Rainforests, Women in History, The Woolly Rhino, Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost, The Blizzard Sleepover, Getting Ready for Race Day, Roxy's Lunch, History with a Twist


ISBN 978-1-63647-312-3