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16 Free Decodable Books For You
16 Free Decodable Books For You

2nd Grade Developing Decoders Collection (1020 Books - Green Set)



If you are delving into the Science of Reading research and focusing on a structured literacy approach to classroom instruction in your Second Grade classroom, this Second Grade Developing Decoders Collection is for you!

This decodable collection contains 170 titles with 6 copies per title. There are a total of 1020 books in the Second Grade Developing Decoders Collection.

Your order of this product will be shipped in 3 display boxes in order to accommodate the 170 titles and 6 copies of each title - which will equal 1020 books for second grade classroom use.

This purchase is for decodable BOOKS ONLY.

See the Decodable Book titles below. 

Book Title
Alphabet Review & Longer Words 10  Titles = 60 books
38a. Short A, I, O Review
Cat and Dog
The Map
38b. Short A, I, O Advanced Review
Crab's Pals
My Twin
41a. Short vowel review (CVC)
Pals and Pets
Rob and the Pup
41b. Short vowel advanced review 1 (CCVC, CVCC)
Swim with a Croc
Lift the Flap
41c. Short vowel advanced review 2 (CCVCC, CCCVC)
Fred Strums
Spot's Sprint
Digraphs  Titles = 48 books
42. ff, ll, ss, zz
Buzz and Fuzz
Red Hill
43. -all, -oll, -ull
A Doll in the Mall
The Fall Ball
49. Digraphs Review 1
The Black Flash
Trad the Troll
53. Digraphs Review 2
The Fish Tank
Will Ralph Wish?
VCe 8 Titles = 48 Books
57. VCe Review 1; e_e
Zeke's Sale
Eve Bakes
59. VCe Review 2
June's Flute
62. VCe Review 3; VCe exceptions
June's Trunk (VCe exceptions)
Grace and Cam (VCe exceptions)
Pete's Pals (review)
Gene's Theme (review)
Reading Longer Words 14  Titles = 84 books
63. -es
Passes and Misses
The Lunches
64. -ed
Jess Is Listed
Mike Hates to Camp!
65. -ing
Dashing Dan
Stressing About Math
66. Closed & Open Syllables
Fun in the Sun
The Van Trip
67a. Compound Words
The Sandbox Hike
Fun at Sunup
67b. Closed/Closed
Picnic Time
Fishing at the Cabin
68. Open/Closed
The Robot
The Music Box
Ending Spelling Patterns 16  Titles = 96 Books
69. tch
The Witch
The Fox and the Robin
70. dge
The Raven Badge
The Dodge Match
71. tch & dge Review
The Fudge Splotches
No Grudges
72. -ild, -old, -ind, -olt, -ost
Holt the Ghost
Find the Kind
73. y as long i
Ty the Spy
Ry the Shy Fly
74. y as long e
The Crying Baby
When Lilly Met Sally
75. -le
Wendle the Fickle Pickle
The Little Pebble
76. Ending Patterns Review
The Little Lady Who Juggles
Molly the Baby Bunny
R-Controlled Vowels 14 Titles = 84 Books
77. ar
The Barnyard Contest
My Backyard Garden
78. or, ore
The Harsh Storm
79. ar, or, ore Review
My Porch
I Am an Artist!
80. er
Terry the Baker
Roger's Pet
81. ir, ur
Burt and Carl's Fun Trip
That Bird Can Surf!
82. er, ir, ur; w+ or
Bird's Big Mess
The Farmer
83. R-Controlled Vowels Review
Clark Swims with a Shark!
At the Park
Long Vowel Teams 10  Titles = 60 Books
84. long a: ai, ay
Mail Day
Rain All Day
85. long e: ee, ea, ey
Three Pals at the Beach
Donkey at the Stream
86. long o: oa, ow, oe
Steamboat on the Coast
A Stroll in the Snow
87. long i: ie, igh
Bright Stars
Charlie's First Flight
88. Vowel Teams Review 1
Cleanup Day
My Window
Other Vowel Teams 14  Titles = 84 books
89. u (push), oo (book)
Brook and Her Book
Cat the Cook
90. oo (moon)
Boon Has the Scoop
Boon and the Trick
91. ew, ui, ue 
Sue's Messy Suit
Blue's Juice Day
92. Vowel Teams Review 2
Jack's Train Trip
93. au, aw, augh
The Small Thing
I Caught a Cold!
94. ea /ĕ/, a /ŏ/
The Camp's Ghost (ea as short e)
Sunny and Cloudy's Fight (ea as short e)
Wanda the Wandering (a as short o)
Walt and His Wand (a as short o)
Diphthongs 6  Titles = 36 books
95. oi, oy
Joy and the Boys
The Lucky Coin
96. ou, ow
Owl Found a House
Sunny and the Clouds
97. Diphthongs Review
Moo the Town Cow
Sue the Smiley Spirit
Silent Letters 8  Titles = 48 books
98. kn, wr, mb
Bread for Mom (kn)
A Jacket for a Knight (kn)
Miss Wren's Birthday (wr)
Fixing the Farm (wr)
Do Not Climb That Tree (mb)
The Little Lamb (mb)
Knock, Knock, Gift! (review)
Thumb Feels Needed (review)
Suffixes and Prefixes 16 Titles = 96 books
99. -s/-es
Jane Shops
Kate Screams
100. -er, -est
The Fifth Grade Trip
The Quickest in the Sea
101. -ly
The Madly Family
The Wait Is Over
102. -less, -ful
Careful Lily
Fearless Cammy
103. un-
Beth's Birthday
104. pre-, re-
It Is Finally Time!
The Big Test
105. dis-
Tony and the Truth
No Disorder!
106. Affixes Review 1
Time to Disconnect
The Contest
Suffix Spelling Changes Titles = 48 books
107. Doubling Rule -ed, -ing
Polly's Party Planning
Just Kidding!
108. Doubing Rule -er, -est
Our Last Day
The Hippest Girl!
109. Drop e Rule
Not Scared Now!
The Nicest Pals
110. y to i Rule
Puppies Versus Kittens
The Fruitiest Juice
Low-Frequency Spellings 18 Titles = 108 books
111. ar, or /er/
Wentzel the Wizard
Lester and Cooper
112. air, are, ear /air/
A Pair of Hares
The Haircut
113. ear /ear/
Magic Maggie
Berry Season
114. Alternate /ā/
The Greatest Day
The Great Number Eight
115. Alternate Long U
The Rescue
The Feud
116. ough /aw/, /ō/
The Doughnut Shop
Thoughtful Bear
117. Signal Vowels
Lucy Cooks
The Magical Circus
118. ch /sh/, /k/; gn; gh; silent t
A New School (ch /sh/, /k/)
Christoff School (ch /sh/, /k/)
The Nice Ghost (gn, gh, silent t)
Greg the Garden Gnome (gn, gh, silent t)
Additional Affixes 20  Titles = 120 books
119. -sion, -tion
The Plan
Vacation Time
120. -ture
Going on an Adventure
The Creature
121. -er, -or, -ist
Carter the Collector
The Oyster Street Band
122. -ish
The Novelist
Selfish Sabrina
123. -y
The Stormy Day
The Woodsy Crew
124. -ness
Queen Agness
The New Puppy
125. -ment
Student Government
The Party
126. -able, -ible
The Jacket
My Best Friend
127. uni-, bi-, tri-
The Mathletes
Yancy the Unicorn
128. Affixes Review 2
Decision Time for Zara
Worst Day Ever!


 Tad's Bag - (Short Vowel Review)

Cole Saves the Shop - (VCe - o-e)

Moo the Town Cow - (Diphthongs)

PRODUCT #  DD2ndGrade

ISBN: 979-8-88741-678-6