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16 Free Decodable Books For You
16 Free Decodable Books For You

Decodable Readers Classroom Collection (Gray Set)



If you are delving into the Science of Reading, this decodable reader collection is for you! This Decodable Readers Classroom Collection (Gray Set) contains 180 titles with 6 copies per title. There are a total of 1,080 books in the Decodable Readers Classroom Collection.

Your order of this product will be shipped in 3 display boxes in order to accommodate the 180 titles and 6 copies of each title - which will equal 1,080 books for classroom use.

This purchase is for books only.

 See the titles below and the phonics skills associated with each decodable book.

Skill Book Title
Set 1: Short Vowels, -s 15 Books
1. -at Pat the Rat
2. -am Sam and Pam
3. -ag The Bag
4. -ig Sig the Pig Digs
5. -id Sid Hid His Rig
6. -it Kit's Slip Rips
7. -og Hog Jogs
8. -og Dog in the Bog
9. -op The Mop
10. -ug Tug the Pug
11. -un Jan Is Fun
12. -ub Bub the Cub
13. -eg Meg’s Leg
14. -et Pet at the Vet
15. -en Hen in the Pen
Set 2: Short Vowels with Blends, -ff, -ll, -ss, -zz 15 Books
1. -ap with blends Tim's Map
2. -ab with blends Mack and the Crab
3. -an with blends Dan and Jan
4. -ip with blends Kip Slips and Trips
5. -in with blends Lin and Min
6. -im with blends Jim Gets a Trim
7. -ot with blends Dot's Pup, Spot
8. -op with blends Pop's Crop
9. -ob with blends Bob's Job
10. -um with blends Glum Mum
11. -ut with blends Tub's Nuts
12. -ed with blends Fred’s Bed
13. -ff, -ll, -ss, -zz Cliff the Bull
14. -ff, -ll, -ss, -zz Tess Fell
15. -ff, -ll, -ss, -zz Jeff’s Spells
Set 3: Short Vowels with Digraphs ck, sh, ch 15 Books
1. -ad Chad the Lad
2. -ack Jack and the Shack
3. -ash The Bash
4. -ip Chip and Nip's Trip
5. -ick Rick's Chick
6. -ish The Fish
7. -ot Dot's Plot
8. -ock The Dock
9. -ock Brock's Rocks
10. -uck Duck Is Stuck
11. -uck Chuck's New Truck
12. -ush My Lush Cat
13. -ed Ted's Pups
14. -eck Hit the Deck!
15. -ent, -esh A Fresh Tent for Brent
Set 4: Short Vowel Review with Digraphs 15 Books
1. short a review Pals
2. short i review Tim and the Big Kid
3. short o review The Fox Tot
4. short u review Pup, Duck, and the Bus
5. short e review The Web Dress
6. sh A Dish of Fish
7. sh Pup in a Rush
8. th Matt and the Moths
9. th The Path to Math
10. ch Chuck’s Chips
11. ch Chef Chip
12. wh Which Whistle?
13. wh The Whiz Whisks
14. digraph review Chan’s Rush
15. digraph review Chips and Chops
Set 5: Glued Sounds. Beginning Blends 15 Books
1. -ank, -ink, -onk, -unk The Full Sink
2. -ank, -ink, -onk, -unk Ping-Pong and Ring Toss!
3. -ild, -ind, -old, -olt, -ost Mild and Kind Chick
4. bl- Blush, Blobs, and Blots
5. cl- The Pet Club
6. fl- The Flag Flings
7. gl- The Glim in the Glen
8. pl- Pals Plot and Plan
9. br- The Brush
10. cr- Cris the Crab
11. dr- Drill for a Drop
12. fr- The Cold Frog
13. gr- Gram and Gran
14. pr- Pluck and Prod
15. tr- Trick the Cat
Set 6: Final Blends, Three-Letter Blends, Affixes 15 Books
1. -mp Don and the Ramp
2. -nd The Sand and Sun Fund
3. -nt Bob the Ant
4. st- The Quest to Be the Best
5. -sk The Brisk Dusk
6. sl- Sam's Sled
7. sk- The Skunk's Skills
8. sn- The Snug Pals
9. sm- The Smash in the Smog
10. sw- The Swift Swan Swims
11. sp-, spl-, spr- No Spots for Sam
12. sc-, scr- Scarf in Scraps!
13. st-, str- Strings! Strings!
14. Suffixes The Strongest Grub
15. Prefixes Best Buds
Set 7: Long Vowels with FInal Silent e, Soft c, Soft g 15 Books
1. -ame Tip the Tame
2. -ate Am I Late?
3. -ade Miss Dade’s Class
4. -ake At the Lake
5. -ile Piles for Miles
6. -ime Who Did the Crime?
7. -ite My Kite
8. -ike Mike’s New Bike
9. -ole Will Cole Be the Mole?
10. -one The Lone Miss Hen
11. -ope Can Hope Camp?
12. -ule The Yule Gift
13. -ute Liv's Flute
14. -une The June Rune
15. -ube Bob Is Stuck!
Set 8: Vowel Teams 15 Books
1. -ai, -ain The Grain
2. -ail Ben Saves Gail
3. -aid Jill the Maid
4. -ay The Gray Day
5. -eek At the Creek
6. -eet The Slick Street
7. -eel On the Ship
8. -eat Sam Will Not Eat
9. -eap Can I Get One Cheap?
10. -ean Dean and Mean Jean
11. -ear Camping Each Year
12. -east The King’s Feast
13. -oad Hit the Road, Toad!
14. -ie The Best Pie
15. -ui The White Suit
Set 9: Vowel Teams 15 Books
1. -ai Cade’s Trip to Spain
2. -ay A Day at the Bay
3. -eep The Lost Sheep
4. -eed Ted's Day
5. -eak Sneak to the Peak
6. -ead Beads
7. -eal The Deal
8. -ea Fay the Flea
9. e_e A Gift for Eve and Steve
10. -ea (long vowel a) All Ray Needs...
11. -ea (short e) Bread for All
12. -oe Joe Hits His Toe!
13. -igh Ben's Hike
14. -ight The King's Fright
15. -ue The Blue Flue
Set 10: R-Controlled Vowels, Multisyllabic Words 15 Books
1. -ar The Star Car
2. -or The Missing Corn
3. -er The Tern in the Fern
4. -ir The Bird’s Thirds
5. -ur A Cat for Nurse Burt
6. r-controlled review Vern's Shop
7. r-controlled review The Best Tart
8. r-controlled review Harps and Horns
9. r-controlled review Little Bird in the Birch
10. r-controlled review Sal Likes the Dirt
11. closed/closed words All Kinds of Jobs
12. closed/closed words Matt’s Missing Cash
13. closed/open & open/closed words In the Forest
14. closed/open & open/closed words Beth at the Pond
15. closed/open & open/closed words Fun in the Cold
Set 11: Diphthongs, Y as a Vowel 15 Books
1. -oi Toil in the Soil
2. -oy Roy and the Toy
3. -ou Ned’s Toy Pouch
4. -ow At the Ball
5. -ow (/ō/) Bob Gets a Tow
6. -ow, -ou The Found Cat
7. -oo The Book Crook
8. -oo Cow Is Stuck
9. -ew The Path
10. -au Fishing with Maud
11. -aw The Sketch
12. -awn The Fawn at Dawn
13. -awl The Shawl
14. diphthong review Shay’s Trip
15. diphthong review The Dress-Up Party
Set 12: Phonics Review 15 Books
1. short vowels, blends, digraphs Not the Dump!
2. short vowels, blends, digraphs The Ship's Trunk
3. short vowels, blends, digraphs Chill and Rest
4. short vowels, blends, digraphs I Wish…
5. short vowels, blends, digraphs What Is That?
6. long vowel patterns (VCE and vowel teams) Cat Needs a Nap
7. long vowel patterns (VCE and vowel teams) In My Zone!
8. long vowel patterns (VCE and vowel teams) The Stone
9. long vowel patterns (VCE and vowel teams) The Case at the Diner
10. long vowel patterns (VCE and vowel teams) Gram’s Blue Cup
11. r-controlled vowels, multisyllabic words, diphthongs The Send-Off Party
12. r-controlled vowels, multisyllabic words, diphthongs The Dig
13. r-controlled vowels, multisyllabic words, diphthongs Do Not Cry, Bird
14. r-controlled vowels, multisyllabic words, diphthongs The County Fair
15. r-controlled vowels, multisyllabic words, diphthongs Life in Spooky Swamp