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16 Free Decodable Books For You
16 Free Decodable Books For You

First Grade Fiction & Nonfiction Book Collection

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The First Grade Fiction & Nonfiction Book Collection contains 40 titles including Levels E - H. There are 10 titles per level and 6 copies per book title. There are a total of 240 books in this 1st Grade Collection.  This purchase is for books only.

Level E Titles:

Animal Feet, Circles Everywhere, I Said No!, Pickle's Escaped, The Case for Carrots, Alaina's Bracelet, My Babysitters, The Tennis Match, Dancer, Ducklings

Level F Titles:

I Can Sign, Animal Necks, Community Day, Mr. Pope's Plant, Baseball Practice, Flat Tire, Time to Wake Up, Grandma's Goat, A Time Machine, Packing Lunch

Level G Titles: 

Ants at Work, Tricky Fish!, Helping Hilda, Just Try It!, Out of Battery, Runaway Robot, Shelby in Love, The Kwanzaa Dress, The Lemonade Stand, The Wish Witch and the Greedy Boy

Level H Titles: 

Owls, Your New Kitten, The Busy Sea, Screams in the Night, Art Class Disaster, Anyone Can Dance, Asha's Clues, Mole Makes a Friend, Nurse Pop Pop, The Goose with Golden Feathers