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16 Free Decodable Books For You
16 Free Decodable Books For You

Reading Comprehension Builders Grade 1st & 2nd

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Reading Comprehension Passages

Have you been looking for passages that were explicitly designed to practice specific comprehension skills, then this book is for you!!

The ability to derive a deeper understanding from a text or passage is a skill that happens slowly over time, and with focused, repeated practice, children can start developing this skill early on. This is where close reading comes in. 

This workbook includes 100 professionally-leveled close reading passages that children can work through in order to develop stronger critical reading skills. This collection of close reading passages includes Lexile levels 200L-650L, which are nicely suited for first and second grades.

Grade 1 - 2 | Lexile Levels:  200L – 650L 

Professionally leveled and certified by Lexile®


  • Find Key Details in a Text
  • Answer Questions about Key Details
  • Make Predictions
  • Understand Character Traits
  • Make Inferences about Characters
  • Make Inferences about Story Plot
  • Focus on Vocabulary Development
  • Use Context Clues
  • Focus on Main Idea and Details
  • Understand the Author’s Purpose 
  • Synthesizing & Analyzing New Information

ISBN: 9781636476650